23andme review and comparison with other companies

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23andMe Gentiqo AncestryDNAGenetiConceptFTDNA
Ancestry reports
Health reports
(+90 reports)
(+200 reports)
(+150 reports)
Fitness/Nutrigenetics reports
Skin reports
Raw data file
DNA-tailored food supplements
DNA-tailored skincare products
DNA-tailored nutrition & workout plans
Technique: genotyping (basic technology) vs sequencing (superior technology)
Low-coverage Sequencing
Number of genetic markers analysed
Microbiome analysis
(Mouth microbiome)
From $99
From $99
From $99
From $149
From $79
Website 23andMe Gentiqo Ancestry GenetiConcept23andme raw data files accepted FTDNA

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User reviews & comments (9)

  • Esra Gul Reply

    I don't recommend DNA test by 23andme. If you are looking for a DNA test related to your health, you can have some idea but don't expect too much (i.e. for cancer). The health reports contain something like these '' Celiac d, Hereditary Thr. Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson, Antitrypsin Deficiency and some couple of others that not known). My friend got her DNA tested by Gentiqo, and the health results are much much more comprehensive with an in-depth analysis.

    As far as ANCESTRY, totally rubbish! Basically, they will tell you where you ancestries used to live, not about your ethnic! Which was not correct in my case! Basically, they took some of my answers and said ' Your ancestries lived in XXXX within the last 200 years'' Well, guess what? It wasn't correct either. My ancestries migrated from somewhere else a hundred years ago. I have the official documents to prove it and yet, I do not need to know where they ''PROBABLY'' lived, it has nothing to do with ethnic.

    Long story short, I do not recommend DNA test by 23andme. MyHeritage and ancestry gave me similar and correct results as fas as ethnic. For health, look for Gentiqo or GenetiConcept. I am not suggesting and I would never purchase another DNA product for my family member from 23nme.

    November 27th, 2018 at 1:38 pm
  • Kevin Doe Reply

    Thank you for this comparative table. It helped me a lot choosing my dna test

    November 07, 2018 at 1:38 pm
    • Elvire Iticsohn Reply

      Already got mine done by Ancestry but I was interested by the health results also. It seems that Gentiqo offers the most complete analysis but never heard about this company, is it a new one?

      November 07, 2018 at 6:12 pm
    • Kevin Doe Reply

      Yes, Gentiqo is a new one. I've found this video review about them :

      November 09, 2018 at 3:23 pm
    • Elvire Iticsohn Reply

      Sounds really great! Thank you Kevin. I've also found an other review here : https://inelz.com/blog/gentiqo-review-inelz-mag/

      November 09, 2018 at 3:51 pm
  • Kamran Gul Reply

    23andMe lost my saliva sample and are not accepting to refund me. I don't want to restart the whole process and wait for another tgree months. That is unacceptable.

    December 1st, 2018 at 1:38 pm
  • Monkey Magic Reply

    If you know where your parents came from, then 23andMe will not show you much more than that. Virtually zero in-depth analysis.

    November 29th, 2018 at 1:38 pm
  • Yoan Bresc Reply

    My overall 23andMe review

    I would like to do an honest review on 23andMe. The Reality Around 23andMe Following fourteen days, my final results came by means of e mail. In general, I'd 62 accounts waiting to me predicated in my 2 3 pairs of chromosomes out of mother and daddy. The accounts covered sets to traits and hereditary variations related that I was able to pass back to my own own kids out of genealogy and family history.

    23andme review : It had been fantastic to determine each of the various matters that the evaluation can tell predicated on an example of saliva. A lot of it is restricted, although the science of discovering features predicated in the DNA sample is now getting higher level in decades. As it arrived into my outcome because of overall look, although, virtually all that the evaluation revealed me was dumb ...

    23andme review : general concept

    I have been curious about exactly what 23andMe does ever since I have discovered they're intending to grow medication predicated on hereditary info. However, I was interested to find out perhaps the wellness issues which run within my family members can possibly be seen within my own spit and also what type of conditions I would be in danger of passing down to my own kiddies.

    23andme review : ordering process

    Several days later buying, my box came! It had been brilliant and so tempting that I was able ton't wait around to start up this. The evaluation was included together with guidelines, an tube for me personally to spit in and also a exceptional sealed bag to sew the tube in if I had been finished. Spit is still among the ways.

    23andme review : information I found

    Obviously, I'd to check in my own ancestry collapse. To nobody's surprise, '' I'm very European. Drabant Conley reported this advice originates from over so the genetics of all individuals who've dwelt at a region for generations, and also 30 mention inhabitants, also by 23andMe people whose grand parents all originated out of an identical region. My DNA is in contrast to people populations.

    The evaluation gives advice on what from DNA that is just how much you share to caffeine you eat up. Here Is What it had been similar to: Additionally, it allows you to understand whether you are doing genetic variations related you might pass onto some kiddies. Lastly I left it on the most notable line. It had been moment and energy to seal this up and ship it. The apparel came because of its own return transportation. All I needed to do was pop up it into my own mail that is nearest also it turned out its own own way! The box has been handily tagged "exempt human specimen," and it will be really a creepy-sounding direction of permitting shippers understand my deal will not comprise any such thing contagious. 23andMe conducted in to issue with all the FDA 2 decades past if they stated that the organization's tests can possibly be translated as professional medical information. So that I was not amazed to find that this evaluation's "limits" organized naturally. The evaluations and the criteria of also the FDA and the Clinical Laboratory Development satisfy.

    November 02, 2018 at 9:01 pm
  • Yoan Bresc Reply

    Review of 23andMe

    If you think in knowing the 'truth' of one's genetics or think that it's really a painful tendency for hypercondriacs, then there's now 1 market pioneer that's allowing ordinary individuals to make this decision: 23andMe. The hereditary testing business is presently banned to perform full panels at its own indigenous USA, however, has now come into the UK & Europe (using a Dutch laboratory, we know). We've been after a firms growth throughout the past couple of decades, so we're very eager to receive the possibility to check out the service (and uncover exactly what it could inform us, that I'll soon be discussing at the close future too).

    Review and features of 23andme

    While 23andMe does not examine and arrangement the full Genome, since it really is still quite costly for the normal person (even though costs continue decreasing regularly). As an alternative, they've chosen for SNP Genotyping at which one thousand of those three thousand sequences of DNA are assessed, that will be relatively cheap but still supplies an abundance of insight. The outcomes have been broken up in to two categories: health and also ancestry (additional information about what these pay from the image below).

    23andme accuracy

    I haven't anything to compare 23andMe review, however that I am aware that of of the arguments against the business as it's creation are contrary to the truth of this data and also that the science is solid. More have contested whether or not to place it into consumers hands, and it is just another argument for another site (that is likely to be a portion of my '23andMe review'' The Outcomes' site coming soon too).

    23andme experience & review

    Unsurprisingly, whatever you've got to do is spit out at the important areas of the kit -- perhaps not fundamentally quite as simple as you may think -- upward into the proper amount, which has been actually a surprisingly large amount of people possess gob to create!You then pack back everything away again and ship it off into the laboratory in the resale packaging they supply. It is actually that easy! 23andMe's routine updates that they will have obtained the package and also at which it really is from the testing channels are typical re-assuring as you wait too, helping to temper the sporadically crazy notions which may proceed through your face about what you have got lurking on your DNA!Once the info did keep coming straight back (you may find more information regarding any of it within my own '23andMe: '' The Outcomes' informative article(coming shortly) these certainly were comprehensively clarified, while also remaining easy to comprehend too. Everything can be obtained during your own portal on the website and also you are able to carry on back again to assess whether they will have added new evaluations or additional penetration too, that will be superb!

    October 25, 2018 at 9:23 pm

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